How to Add White Borders on Instagram Photos

This isn’t as big of a deal as Kim Kardashian’s cleavage secret reveal (boob tape) but people have asked so voila, ask and you shall receive!

How to Add White Borders on Instagram Photos

  • iPhone users: watch this video click me!
  • Android users: you suck. jk you should be able to find something similar on Google Play.

Before the day Instagram removed the mandatory square crop, the white border was essential if you didn’t want to cut off half of your #ootd. But now that the square crop isn’t mandatory who cares right? WRONG! You can do some really creative things with these white borders and really make your Instagram stand out. Let’s take a look at some girls who are slaying the white border game.



Mikala posts all her photos in a horizontal format with a top and bottom white border to give her IG a super eye catching look and makes you want to kill your Instagram profile and start all over. But seriously, this isn’t easy and I’m sure Mikala has taken some A1 selfies and hasn’t been able to post them because they have a vertical orientation. The struggle is REAL!



She literally nailed it – not only does this girl slay nails, she slays IG as well. She uses the white border to display her work in a clean consistent way.



Umm… three words “Bitch, I Slay”.

Here’s the link to the app. Download Link. 
Here’s the link to the video version of the app. Download Link.

Class dismissed!

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