Instagram Posts Can Now Be Scheduled Thanks to Buffer

If you know anything about Instagram, you know that there’s better times to post than others. The problem with that however is, you’re either busy, napping or black out drunk during those times. Well Buffer just changed the game – oh and it’s not a paid add on, this ish is FREE!

How It Works


  1. Create your Instagram post in the Buffer dashboard or on the app. You can include mentions and hashtags and they will work on Instagram.
  2. Receive a push notification from the Buffer app at the scheduled time. Instagram’s API doesn’t allow for third party posting so Buffer let’s you create your post and copy it over to Instagram when it’s posting time!
  3. Open in Instagram and paste your caption. You can also choose filters and stuff here.
  4. Post that ish!


Another good feature about Buffer’s new Instagram feature is that it provides you with analytics as well. It basically tells you which of your posts were most and least popular. In order to unlock this feature you do have to have a Buffer for Business account which isn’t free.


Dear Buffer, thank you for understanding our #FirstWorldProbz. Love you boo!


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