Instagram Story Highlights for Pros

How to Instagram Story Highlight like a Pro

If you’ve never posted an Instagram Story Highlight before, start off by reading our blog post ‘How to Instagram Story’. Then come back to this post for some pro tips.

The Pros

So let’s start off by examining three Instagram profiles that are killing the Story Highlight game already.


  1. @mrsbbolo
  2. @brooklynrichardson
  3. @thebirdspapaya


As you can see from these three queens, their highlights all have one thing in common… a consistent theme! Theming your highlight cover is brilliant and instantly makes your Instagram account pop.

When we say theme, we don’t just mean colour! Notice how they’ve chosen a consistent selection of icons too? This is an effortless, organized experience for their viewers. We all have 5 second attention spans and this is perfectly tailored to that!


If you’d like to save some time, you can create a template for your highlights. Create a standard cover photo so that when you post a new one you just have to change the wording or icon.


Depending on what your Instagram is about, your categories can vary. For example, @thebirdspapaya focuses on health and her body transformation journey so one of her cateogories is fitness!

Here are some different category ideas:

  • Health/nutrition
  • Fashion (ootd)
  • Events
  • Campaigns
  • Quotes
  • How-to Tutorials
  • Travel
  • Influencers/shout-outs
  • Positive comments/feedback
  • Food … obviously.

We’re huge fans of the highlight feature… way to go Instagram! Now you just have to fix your algorithm and we can be BFF’s again.

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Class dismissed!

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