How to Successfully Instagram Your Way Through the Super Bowl

Not only is it Sunday, but it’s Super Bowl Sunday so IG posting is essential. Obviously, the only reason you’re watching the Super Bowl is because Beyonce is performing… okay fine also because it’s an excuse to get wasted on a Sunday evening!

But seriously, IG is how we show off how amazing our lives are so here’s your guide on how to successfully Instagram your way through the Super Bowl.



Girls, it’s already bad enough you have to sit there and pretend you know what the hell is going on so why not eat your weight in fried food and chips – it’s literally called Super Bowl! If you really want to make your IG followers jealous, take a pic of how much delicious food there is at the Super Bowl party you’re attending. Or just fill your coffee table with pizza, a 12 foot sub and chicken wings and call it a Super Bowl party – no one has to know.



Tbh, there probably won’t be wine at your Super Bowl party which means two things a) you’re going to bloat so wear loose clothing and b) bring a flask. Normally, posting a pic with our wine glasses is our go to for any event but in this case you’ll most likely be drinking beer. So if you don’t want to post a beer pic your alternative is to post a wicked Super Bowl Sunday selfie. The good news is, it’s Super Bowl Sunday so you can basically #SuperBowl for anything – including a selfie you took two weeks ago when you were half a pound skinnier.

Hot Football Players


If you really want to look like you know something about Football post a pic of your favourite player aka the hottest player aka the smoke show! If you don’t know any of their names Emmanuel Sanders #10 from the Denver Broncos (orange team) is the babe above! However, you’re probably already sitting there with your eye on the prize secretly wishing your bf (imaginary or real) looked like him. None the less you can always rely on a pic of a sexy guy in tights to get approval from your female Instagram followers. TOUCH DOWN!

Class dismissed!

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