Instagram’s June 1 Update: Social Suicide

If you are someone’s girlfriend you may not be too happy about the new Instagram update happening on June 1st.

According to Hootsuite’s blog Instagram will be making some changes that will seriously affect your ability to creep your bf on Instagram.

Removal of Followers/Following Lists

As of June 1st, when you view another Instagram user’s profile, you will be able to see the total number of Followers and Following but you will no longer be able to view lists of each. PARDON!? Instagram are you trying to commit social suicide!?

I mean we’re all guilty of it. We all creep to see who’s following who. Well not anymore!

I’m curious to see how many people will either a) make their bf/gf delete their IG b) require the password to their bf/gf’s account or c) make a joint IG account (vomit).

Instagram claims it’s “part of enhancing user privacy”. I bet Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger’s (Instagram founders) wives aren’t too happy with them rn.

After that news you probably don’t even care about what else they’re changing but here are some more changes that will happen on June 1st.

60 Likes/hour

Yes, there is now a like limit – stay within it.

Removed Preview of Likes

So basically the anticipation of getting 11 likes will be non-existent after June 1st because even if you have only 2 likes it will say 2 likes and not the names of the 2 amazing people who liked your photo like it does right now until you reach 11 likes.

Removed Preview of Comments

Before you used to be able to see the 4 most recent comments on a post but now you will have to click “view comments” in order to see any comments on a pic.


Whoever pissed off Instagram better make things right because they have been trippen lately. First a weirdo algorithm, then a new “look” and now this. Sounds like Instagram is recovering from a bad breakup. It’s going to be okay IG, just listen to Beyonce’s album Lemonade and slay.

Class dismissed!

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