Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram Story Ideas

Every time you blink, there’s some new Instagram feature that you’re unaware of. While everyone else is super zooming you’re still trying to figure out how the hell to use Instagram stories. Because we live in a world where our attention span is literally less than 5 seconds (you probably aren’t even reading this and are just scrolling down to the pics), things like Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories have become the norm. These days, if you’re posting something to your actual Instagram feed it’s only because you feel like you should because it’s been like a month.

Anyway, people get really creative with this ish. But for others who are less creative, here is a life hack for Instagram story ideas.

So my friend @britsct is super talented  and she makes every thing she touches look amazeballs. Let’s examine her Instagram stories below and learn from her fabulous ways.

  1. It’s always a good idea to post an Instagram story about any type of food/drink. It’s usually pretty well received and leaves your followers with a ton of FOMO. B has added her creative touch by spacing out the word Monday and using all caps. To add even more ‘je ne sais quoi’ she used a different font design on the second word to give it a modern, simplistic look. I’m totally going to copy this.
  2. First of all, how cute is Balvenie? Secondly, this Instagram story though! It may take you a few attempts but if you space out the first word and use all caps and then free hand the second word you get a really pretty outcome.
  3. Do you ever get annoyed when you want to use a certain colour font on your Instagram story but it’s too hard to see because of the colour of the background? Here’s a life hack for ya. Choose the drawing tool and then select the second ‘pen type’. Select a colour and then swipe behind the text to create a background effect. Pro tip: if you go over it more than once the colour becomes less transparent and you see layers of the colour… neato!
  4. This one makes me hungry, thanks a lot B. Love the idea of drawn on check marks!
  5. Ahh yes, finally the Instagram like notification sticker! Instagram is constantly updating their stickers. You can choose from date, time, location and temperature (just like Snapchat) but the best one to date is the Instagram like notification. Try it out!

For our business friends, here are some Instagram story ideas for your business page!

  1. If you’re not as good as B as hand drawing scripture, here’s an idea. Create your Instagram story photo on Photoshop or first, then post it your story! That way, you can type using whichever font you’d like and don’t have to worry about hand drawing it. You can upload a photo to Instagram stories by swiping up from the Instagram story upload screen. You’ll see photos that you’ve added in the last 24 hours. Select one of those and wah-lah!
  2. Here’s another example of creating a photo before you upload. @anthropologie created this photo ahead time and included a text box to make their text stand out instead of hand drawing the background like we learned from B.
  3.  Have you ever watched an Instagram story and it almost looks like an animated video? Well this is how you do it. Create a base photo or template like @anthropologie did. All they changed in each photo is the text so when you’re swiping through their Instagram story feed, it looks like an animated video.
  4. Notice how they used the same text box and photo and just changed the text? Neat, right?
  5. With so many Instagram stories out there, how do you keep your followers interested in your other posts? @desenio knows how! Check out their text “Have a look!” with the arrow encouraging viewers to peak at the next story as well. You can either hand draw this text and arrow or create the photo ahead of time. Either way, genius.

Hopefully those 10 examples can trigger some time of creativity in that brain of yours. We’re gonna bounce now and go post a dope Instagram story.

Oh yeah, if you’re interested in some Boomerang ideas for your story, you can find some here.

Class dismissed!

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