Instagram Now Notifies When You Screenshot an Instagram Story

Did you just say Instagram now notifies when you screenshot an Instagram story? So, 5 minutes ago Instagram didn’t care if you screenshot a story but now they’ve switched sides. Yes, Instagram now notifies when you screenshot an Instagram story!

Instagram Now Notifies When you Screenshot an Instagram Story

That’s right, you’ll now have to fight that urge to screenshot someone’s story to show your BFF unless you don’t give af if the person knows.

Right now, things are in the testing stages but if you attempt to screen shot a story you might get the following message:

That’s sooooo awks, like chill Instagram.

I guess we’ll all have to turn down the stalker in all of us just a notch.

One of the benefits to this though is that when you post a story, you can see when someone screenshots your story as well #PlotTwist.

You’ll get a little shutter icon beside the persons name like the one below.

So you’ve screenshot someone’s IG story and now you’re freaking the f out – well you should!

Instagram Story or Snapchat? What’s the damn difference.

Class dismissed!


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