What Happens When You Deactivate Your Instagram Account?

What REALLY happens when you delete your Instagram account?

So if you haven’t tested this out with your friends yet, let us save you the trouble.

When you delete your Instagram account there’s things you want to know like, can people search me, what does my profile look like to other people, can I reactivate it and if I do what happens? We got chu.


Whether you’re sick of creeping your bf’s new followers or the new algorithm is just pissing you off, you’ve decided to deactivate your Instagram for like 5 mins. It’s cool we get it.

When you deactivate your Instagram account it’s not permanent so don’t worry. If your FOMO kicks in after an hour you can totally reactivate it.

When you deactivate your account people can’t search you but if they do happen to come across your profile, this is what it will look like:


Your name will appear at the top of the screen but your picture will be gone. Also, for those who have the app that tells you who unfollowed you on Instagram (click here to learn more about the app), it will look like you unfollowed them which is pretty dumb because you basically unfollowed the world not just them. So if you’re trying to make someone think you swerved on them, temporarily deactivating your IG account is an option.


What Happens When I Reactivate My Instagram Profile

That being said, you’ll be back on Instagram in a week tops. Here’s what happens when you reactivate:


Legit, this is so annoying. Instagram notifies everyone who you’ve tagged in photos that you’ve tagged them all over again. Literally the opposite of low key. We’re thinking this is probably a glitch but it’s been happening for a few months now and still no fix.

So if you’re low key trying to deactivate your account and then activate it again without anyone noticing you’re SOL. Because if you have people tagged in photos, they’ll be notified.



Deactivating your IG is cool and all but as soon as you reactivate, people are going to be like WTF did you just tag me in? Also, some people will hit you with the, why did you unfollow me and then you have to explain to them that you had to give yourself a creeping intervention.

It’s up to you.

We’re hungry – class dismissed.



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