The Best Time to Post on Instagram

No Time Like The Present? Wrong!

Okay, so you just posted a pic on Instagram and the likes are coming in as slow as the last 10 mins of class, WTH!? No worries, Instacademy may know what the problem is – what time of the day are you posting and what day of the week is it!?

Now I understand that naturally, as soon as we sit down at Starbucks or as soon as we catch that perfect selfie lighting (after 37 attempts) our first instinct is to POST THAT ISH –  but that may not be so wise my friend. There are certain times of the day and certain days of the week where you will get more likes. This isn’t some BS logic that some girl who doesn’t know the difference between pinot and chardonnay is feeding you – this is real life. There’s some legit science that shows there are more active users on Instagram at certain times than others.


The first step to figuring out the best time to post is figuring out WHO most of your followers are. For example, if you’re in first year and so are a majority of your followers then think about when they would be online – obviously at 11PM any day of the week when they’re supposed to be last minute writing their paper but are drifting off to IG land instead. Or are majority of your followers finished school and starting their big girl jobs – meaning they’re bored out of their skull around lunch time and staring at their phones to avoid all possible conversation about excel spreadsheets or why they haven’t accepted their co-workers friend request on Facebook. Once you get a sense of who follows you and likes your pics it starts to become clear when a good time to post would be!

Best Time of Day to Post

Instagram has 400 Million Monthly Users (who cares) but most of them are Millennials and that’s the part we care about. When are these Millennials posting pics!? Shoutout to AdWeek for providing us with this very simple chart that shows us when most people are posting.


So as you can see, most people use Instagram from the later part of the afternoon to about midnight. I mean it makes sense really, we’re all busy all day long at school or work and posting a successful pic takes T I M E (which we will discuss in another post). Therefore, it makes sense to be posting pics after school/work hours.

Best Day of the Week to Post

Later on we’ll be talking about the dedicated Instagram days of the week such as TBT, MCM, WCW and what ever else has developed by the time we discuss that. But for now, my experience and various sources have proven that the day of the week with the most Instagram activity is ….. (drum roll please)….. SUNDAY!

Good ol’ Sunday funday! The best day to post no matter what your current status is in life. I’ll explain.

If you went out Friday & Saturday night you should be in good enough condition by Sunday to organize your pics from the weekend in the following categories

  • Did I really go out like this?
  • Decent
  • Who is this dude in all of our pics?
  • Black mail material
  • IG worthy
  • I don’t even remember this

If you did nothing all weekend you’re probably super depressed about it so by the time Sunday rolls around you’re desperate for any type of attention. BOOM post a pic on IG = attention overload.

Today’s Summary (for those who don’t feel like reading)

If you don’t  feel like putting that much effort into figuring out who follows you – first of all, I don’t blame you, second of all don’t worry at the end of every class we will sum things up for you.

According to our findings the best time to post on Instagram is Sunday evenings no matter who you are!

Class dismissed!


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    Well written post. I dig it and will keep your tips in mind while posting

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