How to Add Line Breaks to Your Instagram Bio

You may have seen our post on How to Centre Your Instagram Bio but because there are so many different screen sizes (thanks to the aggressively large iPhone 6 plus) centering your bio may not look as pretty as you once thought. The alternative? Adding line breaks to your bio.

What does that even mean? Here’s an example:


Notice how @chloezhaang has text on separate lines in her bio, as if she just pressed enter and started typing (I wish it was this easy). I think this is why we like Instagram so much –  because things like this are such a pain in the a$$, so when you figure out how to do something as simple as having words on separate lines you feel like Kanye West. It’s like you’re part of an exclusive Instagram club or something… #Instacademy

The best part about this common issue is that it’s literally the EASIEST thing ever… here’s two, literally two steps to doing this:

Step One: Notes

Open up your notes app and type your bio exactly how you want to see it on Instagram – pressing enter when you want to start a new line. Keep in mind the 150 character limit. You can include emojis here as well…. or Kimoji or JUSTMOJI. Jk I don’t know if the last two will work but give it a shot.

Step Two: Copy & Paste Into Your Bio

Literally copy and then paste what you just wrote from your notes into your Instagram bio. Hit save and look back and admire your masterpiece. Welcome to the Life of Pablo friends.

giphy (1)


Instagram, we love how you play hard to get.
Instacademy, we love you for giving up all of Instagram’s secrets.

Class dismissed!



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  1. Cassandra Nguyen says: Reply

    I’m doing everything right, but it won’t work! Help!

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hi Cassandra! Did you get it working? If not, email us at xo

  2. Em says: Reply

    I do the thing. But nothing comes up after I press paste.

  3. This doesn’t seem to work anymore. I tried it.

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hey Antonio! We just did it yesterday and it worked. If you can’t get it working, send us an email

  4. Frank McCay says: Reply

    Hey it is definitely work, i was trying it once in my iphone and it worked so well. Thanks!!!

  5. Laura says: Reply

    Hi! This works for the app, but is there a way for it also work on the desktop version?

  6. Adam says: Reply

    I tried today but DONE button grey out after 27 characters. When I reduce it and then click DONE it shows message that I need 150 characters or less. It won’t let me save anyway. I don’t get it.

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