Yes, You Can Mute Instagram Stories

You Can Mute Instagram Stories

We all have those people on Instagram that you’re forced to follow and they also happen to be annoying af. Ever since Instagram stories was introduced, their level of annoying has gone from Kim Kardashian to Donald Trump. Luckily, Instagram is bae and understands your struggle and has given you the power to “mute” these losers’ stories

But Wait, Can They Tell?

Before we go into how you can mute someone’s Instagram story, let’s go over the consequences.

  • No, the person you mute cannot tell you muted them.
  • Yes, you can unmute them. (Obviously for circumstances when they’re directly beside you asking if you saw their story – don’t worry we got chu).
  • Yes, it will mute EVERY story they post going forward. Not just the one that made you mute them.

How to “Mute” Instagram Stories

  1. When the person you secretly hate posts an Instagram story, click and hold on it until a menu pops up. The menu will have an option to “MUTE” their story.
  2. You’re done.

How to “Unmute” (for emergency situations)

First of all, is unmute even a word? Second of all, who cares.

  1. When you mute someone, their stories will go all the way to the end of your story feed and will be greyed out with no colourful ring around it. You can find it by scrolling all the way to the left (just like tinder). To “unmute” them, click and hold on their story until the menu pops up again and click “UNMUTE”

This isn’t rocket science people.


Instagram stories. Don’t be annoying or you will be muted.


Class dismissed!

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  1. Filthy Mcnasty says: Reply

    I used to be able to unmute. Now the accounts that I have muted don’t show up at the end of my story.

    1. admin says: Reply

      The person you muted will only show at the end of your list of stories when they have a story posted.

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