How To Theme Your Instagram Profile

Having a themed/hot af Instagram profile is the equivalent to Beyonce and Jay Z B.L (before Lemonade) … Essential.

If you don’t know what I mean by “themed” or “hot af” Instagram profile here are some examples:
FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3



All three of these profiles have a theme which makes them so easy on the eyes.

So how can you make your IG look this good? Well, it’s not easy and there are many restrictions and unlike Beyonce, your IG theme isn’t going to just “wake up like this”. But these tips will help you achieve an attractive looking Instagram profile.

Big Picture

The most important thing about having an attractive Instagram profile is to think of it as a big picture. People often get caught up in individual pictures. Try not to focus on individual pictures and focus on your Instagram as a big picture. How does it look when you’re looking at your Instagram profile like the examples above?


Now that you’re in the “big picture” state of mind, it’s time to plan out which pictures you’re going to post and when. A tool that we really find helpful for this is VSCO cam. Because VSCO’s grid is similar to your Instagram profile you can re-arrange and play around with the order of your photos on there before posting them.

Content & Colour

One thing you will find consistent with all three of the examples above is that they all have a designated colour tone and photos containing content with those colours. This is where things can get really tricky. You can achieve this look by always using the same filter or photo edits and by keeping your photo content consistent. VSCO cam is very helpful with this and surprisingly, Twitter! Twitter has beautiful filters – shocking, we know! Here’s an example of an Instagram profile that uses the “Breeze” filter on Twitter consistently to give her Instagram a blueish/white theme @stefshaww


As you can also see from the examples above, all of these photos are cropped the same. Whether you choose to use the standard square shape or white borders just be sure to use the same cropping for all your photos. Some people take only horizontal photos or only vertical photos when using white borders to keep things looking Beyonce vs Kim Kardashian.

Think Before You Post

Having a themed Instagram is not an easy task and requires a lot of thinking and planning. Think about what you’re posting and if it matches the theme you’re trying to achieve.

If you’re reading this post you definitely debate starting all over on Instagram at least three times a week and we don’t blame you! Sometimes a fresh start is all a gal needs.


Beauty is pain.





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