The 10 Instagram Commandments

I know that we’re all messed up because Queen Bey and Drizzy dropped an album in the same week but we gotta keep our IG game tight and remember the 10 Instagram commandments (no offence Jesus).

  1. Thou shall not post more than one selfie a week
  2. Thou shall like thy neighbours photos
  3. Thou will caption Views or Lemonade for the next 3 months
  4. Thou shall not creep thy ex boyfriend
  5. Thou shall fight the urge to post a photo at 3 a.m. directly from the bar (wait until the next day to make sure that you’re in Instagram worthy condition. Reviewing your snapchat story at this time is also recommended)
  6. Thou shall not make comments on celebrity photos and argue with strangers #BeckyWithTheGoodHair
  7. Thou shall not post progress photos of your booty (or lack of) every day of the damn week
  8. Thou shall not like own photo
  9. The number of people who follow you must exceed the number of people you follow
  10. Thou shall not use more than 3 hashtags (4 tops)



Speaking in the 2nd person is super annoying/difficult.

Class dismissed!

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  1. Aleah says: Reply

    This is the best post EVER

    1. admin says: Reply

      Glad you like it, Aleah! 🙂

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