Private or Public Instagram?

So your mom has figured out that the only reason you finally accepted her friend request on Facebook is because you don’t use it anymore and now she’s on IG. You’re now realizing it’s time to ask yourself the million dollar question – should my Instagram be private or public?

The answer is depends. There are pros and cons for each. Let us explain…



  • Can deny follow requests
  • Can reject creepy dudes trying to slide into your DM
  • You have complete control over who sees your ish


  • Hashtags become useless
  • Less followers
  • Less likes
  • Are you still reading?
  • Your ex boyfriend can’t see how much better your life is without him
  • No one can see your basic white girl posts about UGG boots and Starbucks



  • More likes
  • More followers
  • Your hashtags will appear on the hashtag feed
  • If you tag brands or B-list celebrities they might actually like your pic #AlmostFamous


  • The entire world can see the drunk pics your BFF tagged you in
  • Any bro can slide into your DM
  • The following people can not only see your profile but can also follow you: your mom, your dad, your boss, your co-workers and basically anyone


Okay, so if you’re over 20 years old and your life goals don’t include becoming an Instagram model, it’s probably wise to keep your profile private. If you REALLY want to have a public profile so that you can get over 100 likes and hashtag your little heart out, we suggest using a fake name on IG so that way when people like perspective employers Google you, they don’t see your 500 selfies and quotes about fuck boys.

Class dismissed.


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