Three Ways Ivy Park Slays Instagram

If you haven’t heard about Beyonce’s new active wear line called Ivy Park your FOMO best be on overdrive and you should probably reevaluate your priorities. Never mind the fact that on April 14th we’re all going  broke (that’s when Ivy Park is set to go on sale) #RIPMasterCard, but can we please talk about Ivy Park’s Instagram game!?

The account has been active for about one week and already has 109k followers #goals.

Let’s look at the different ways Ivy Park posts pics & vids on IG that basically slay the Instagram game.

White & Black Borders

Instacademy has already done a post on this see “The White Border Secret” but now that Beyonce has done it it’s confirmation that we’re in formation.

Photo Grid

Ivy Park also strategically photo grids one photo into a bunch of photos and posts them on Instagram. Which at the time, when you’re scrolling through your feed, looks super weird because you’re basically staring at a giant photo of Bey’s booty but when you look at their profile it looks Gucci. There’s tons of apps out there that help you do that but PicSlit (not PicSlut) is probably the best choice because it’s free.


Self explanatory.


Ivy Park teaches us that filters are great but take a look at your overall profile to see how things look and blend together. Whether it be a white border, a black border or a photo grid. Whatever it takes. Beyonce did it so need I say more?

Here’s the link to their IG (as if you aren’t already following) @wearivypark

Yo Ivy Park, give us some of that hot sauce you’ve got in your bag, swag.

Class dismissed!

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