Instagram Stories: Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

So now that everyone has calmed the f down about Brad and Angelina it’s time to get back to business. You can now do the following on Instagram Stories: change the colour of your text, zoom in while recording video and upload pics/vids from your camera roll.

Instagram Stories Tricks

Different Colour Text

When Instagram stories was first released, you could only type with white text. But now, when you type you will see a colour palette on top of your keyboard. What you probably didn’t know is that if you swipe left (easy Tinder), you get more colour options.

Oh and ps, this also works for drawing on Snapchat, oops I mean Instagram Stories..  #ShotsFired

Zoom Zoom

You can also zoom in when recording videos on Instagram Stories now. Use your recording finger to swipe up to zoom in and swipe down to zoom out.

Upload from Camera Roll

And the best for last. Did you know you can actually post a picture from your camera roll that you took within 24 hours? When you’re in Instagram Stories ready to take a pic or video, swipe down from the recording screen and you’ll see a preview of photos you’ve taken in the past 24 hours.



I hope Angelina releases her own version of Lemonade.

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