10 Boomerang Video Ideas for Instagram

So we’ve all seen the Instagram Boomerang app and have probably downloaded it out of curiosity but that’s basically as far as it went. The thing is guys, you can actually make the cutest friggen boomerang vids.

Here’s 10 ways people have used Boomerang:


K first of all, how adorable is this pooch? Secondly, I’m stealing this idea asap.


If you’re blessed enough to have a cool enough bf to do something like this with you then a) tell me your secrets and b) do it!  For all my single ladies, it works just as well with your friends… or your mom whatevs, we don’t judge.


Ladies, if he liked it and put a ring on it like Beyonce instructed – Boomerang that ish.




Here’s a creative way to celebrate a bday or anything numerical really!


To all my chefs out there – show off those skills and make me something Mexican while you’re at it.


Is there vodka in there? Option: replace with Sangria.




To all the athletic babes out there – don’t put me down for cardio.


And of course… the queen herself! You may not have noticed but Bey has been slaying the Boomerang game from time g. Take a look through her feed to see the different ways she’s been boomerang-ing (if that’s not in the dictionary, it will be soon)


Gretchen, stop trying to make Boomerang happen. It’s not going to happen (jk, it is).


Class dismissed!

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