What Are Instagram Stories?

Hold up, hold my phone. What are these bubbles above my Instagram feed?

Instagram has taken a page from the Snapchat handbook and introduced Instagram Stories on August 2, 2016 leaving Snapchat white as a ghost…

What Is An Instagram Story?

Very similar to Snapchat (in fact, exactly like Snapchat – we’ll talk about that later), Instagram Stories are basically a way to live broadcast what you’re doing for 24 hours without posting it to your Instagram profile. You can delete it at anytime before the 24 hours if you want but it will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Also like Snapchat, you can see who viewed your story (hey ex bf) and you can also message someone directly from the story. You can also draw or incorporate text on the story as well.

If you don’t have Snapchat, that paragraph was basically useless to you and I’m sorry. Click here for a more in depth description for those who aren’t familiar with what a “story” means these days.

What You Really Want to Know

  • You’ll only see stories of the people you follow. They will appear on the top of  your news feed in what looks like a bubble with their profile picture in it. When there’s something new to see, their profile photo will have a colorful ring around it.
  • To view someone’s story, just tap on their profile photo. Remember, they’ll be able to see a list of people who viewed their story so if you’re creeping your ex, use your BFF’s account.
  • There are no likes but you can send someone a direct message about their story by clicking send message.
  • To post a story, just click the new plus sign in the top left hand corner of your Instagram feed. Take a pic or video and click the check mark to add it to your story.
  • Your story follows the privacy settings of your IG account. If you set your account to private, your story is visible only to your followers.
  • You can also easily hide your entire story from anyone you don’t want to see it, even if they follow you. After you post the story open it up and click the three dots in the bottom right hand corner and click Story Settings. There you can select who to hide your story from and who can send you a message reply.
  • When watching your own story, swipe up to check out who’s seen each photo and video.
  • Beware, unlike Snapchat, you cannot see who took a screenshot of your story!
  • Instagram Stories will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks on iOS and Android.


My life just got so confusing.

Did you see my story? Which one!?


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