What Does Unseen Notification on Instagram Mean?

So last week your Instagram feed was bombarded with a bunch of idiots telling you to turn on post notifications or die. So against your better judgment you may have done so and now that the algorithm is in effect you may be seeing this…


Umm unseen notifications – da fuq is dis!?

If it hasn’t happened to you yet it will be soon if you turned on post notifications. Now that the new algorithm is in effect when the people you subscribed to on IG post something it will send you a notification. If you subscribed to a bunch of people and they all post at the same time and you’re not viewing them, you will get a reminder notification telling you that you have unseen notifications. You will also start to see the words “unseen post” under your friends pics (the ones you have turned notifications on for) like you do on Facebook #lame.


Not only is this super annoying because every time you get an Instagram notification you think it’s some dude sliding into your DM but it also KILLS your battery as well. So not only is Snapchat sucking the life out of your battery now these pointless notifications are too.

How do you make it stop? Easy!

Follow the same lame instructions everyone and their brother posted on IG last week and click turn OFF notifications.



Ttyn notifications!


If you turned on notifications last week for a bunch of IG accounts turn them off because they’re going to take over your life and send you a bunch of reminders and kill your battery. Dead battery = dead phone = dead you.

Between this and the drop of Kylie Jenner’s music video/commercial/short film/wtf am I¬†watching it’s been one confusing ass week and it’s only Tuesday.

Class dismissed!

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