Kanye West Has Instagram

Yeezy Yeezy jumped over Jumpman and landed on Instagram

So Kanye West has Instagram.

On September 18th Kanye West posted his first picture on Instagram. What is it? No one knows. His profile pic? Blank. Typical Yeezy.

Anyways, if his Instagram is going to be¬†anything like his Twitter rants we’re puuuuuumped.

Remember back in March 2016 when he tweeted about getting Instagram.

Kanye Tweets


Well his first piece of ‘art’ generated 50 million likes in the first half hour. It’s some type of architectural picture… art.

Kanye Instagram

Anyways, if you don’t follow him already it’s a good thing you subscribe to Instacademy. Follow Kanye here @kanyewest


I wonder if he just got Instagram to creep Kim. I guess we’ll never know.

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