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  • Instagram Story Ideas

    Instagram Story Ideas Every time you blink, there’s some new Instagram feature that you’re unaware of. While everyone else is super zooming you’re still trying to figure out how the hell to use Instagram stories. Because we live in a world where our attention span is literally less than 5 seconds (you probably aren’t even […]

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  • The 10 Instagram Commandments

    I know that we’re all messed up because Queen Bey and Drizzy dropped an album in the same week but we gotta keep our IG game tight and remember the 10 Instagram commandments (no offence Jesus). Thou shall not post more than one selfie a week Thou shall like thy neighbours photos Thou will caption Views or Lemonade […]

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  • Private or Public Instagram?

    So your mom has figured out that the only reason you finally accepted her friend request on Facebook is because you don’t use it anymore and now she’s on IG. You’re now realizing it’s time to ask yourself the million dollar question – should my Instagram be private or public? The answer is depends. There […]