Other than being the first thing we check when we wake up in the morning (or mid-afternoon #NoJudgeZone) and the last thing we check before bed, no matter what condition we’re in (the spins, too drunk to hold my phone so it just fell on my face, or I just puked took an Advil and drank a litre of water so I’m feeling fabulous) Instagram is basically our source for fashion, fitness, update on the Kardashians and number one tool for creeping our ex boyfriends. The purpose of this blog is to essentially make you the Queen of Instagram. So because you’ve taken the time to read the first two sentences on this page you’re obviously intrigued. First of all, thank you – I’m flattered, second of all, you’re probably the smartest girl out of your group of friends and soon everyone will be jealous of your Instagram.


So as much as I would love to lie and say I’m some expert in Instagram, I’m really not (depending on how you define expert though). I’m just a normal girl like you who struggles with decisions like should I go to the gym or skip it and do some detox tea diet for a week instead?

No but seriously, I’m just a girl who you can count on to A) always like your pics and B) give you some good Instagram tips. I’m pursuing my post graduate certificate in social media marketing so I have some factual information that will help you rule the IG world and the other stuff is basically essential IG hacks learned and observed from yours truly.


I N S T A C A D E M Y as a brand – what does that even mean?
Instacademy (IA) is not your average blog. The overall brand is a very witty, humorous and relatable but yet informative.  Though you’re getting useful knowledge about Instagram you’re learning it in your own language. This blog will relate to your real life and the things you really deal with discussed in the way you really talk. Now now, I know you’re thinking why can’t school always be likes this? I know right. But once you have your degree in IG from Instacademy you’ll understand that when you already live an awesome life you don’t need to use fancy words to get your point across you just need a really good filter to make it all look good. ♥